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An Eclectic Collection of Colleagues

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You have stumbled across an eclectic collection of colleagues in eastern canada with expertise in a wide variety of fields including:

  Artists   Photography
  Car Sales   Project Management
  Car Maintenance   Property Management
  Construction of Post & Beam Homes   Real Estate
  Handy Man for Home Maintenance   Tax Advice (Canadian)
  Sidewalk Maintence Equipment   Teaching
  Law- Estate (Canadian)   Tires for Heavy Equipment
  Law - Real Estate (Canadian)   Trip Planning
  Metal Fabrication   Tutoring
  Mining Equipment   Web Site Development for Ecommerce

This Web site is evolving and more information and details will become available.

Thank you for your patience while we build our website. Please visit us again.




Featured Photo
A selected photo from one of our Photographers.

Featured Site
The featured site at this time is that of Philip Jacobs, an artist who truly enjoys blowing glass.

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Artists Artists

Managers Photoraphy
Managers Digital Media
Managers Financial Plan

Managers Home & R Estate

Managers Law
Managers Vehicles